Tintin reference books offer insights and critical views that are not found in the comics such as how Hergé gotten the inspiration from and also see his earlier artwork that might be scraped off or even promotional artworks for the comics.

A great companion for those who had finished reading the series and wanting to learn more about the world of Tintin and explore the genius mind of the creator. While Hergé didn’t exactly travel to the countries Tintin visited in his earlier adventures, he then does more research so he could provide greater accuracies on certain parts of the country’s culture and history so as not to offend the readers. Many scenes needed to be either taken off or changed entirely due to the controversy surrounding it such as Tintin in the Congo and The Black Island just to name a few.

While it does have its fair share of criticism, you can’t deny the work Hergé put in provides countless hours of laughter, memories and nostalgia.