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Tintin Cars: Lincoln Torpedo

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Lincoln Torpedo - Cigars of the Pharaoh (1955) In the jungles of India Tintin drives Sarcophagus (the mad scientist) and Zlotzky (the writer) to the asylum in the Lincoln Torpedo Grand Sport. This majestic convertible apparently only existed as a project. Indeed, the only trace of this ghost car, created by Jacques Saoutchik, is an advertising drawing from the early thirties that Hergé practically reproduced as is. Of Russian origin, Saoutchik worked in France, in the interwar period, as the coachbuilder of prestigious brands including Delage D8-120 which was driven by General de Gaulle.

The Lincoln Torpedo car, 1/43 scale, from the album "Cigars of the Pharaoh", Tintin is the driver , the passengers are: Snowy Siclone, Zlotzky Collector, length 11,5 cm.

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Weight 230g
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