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BOOK: Tintin Companion (English)

BOOK: Tintin Companion (English)

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Written by ace Tintinologist Michael Farr, this book is the complete guide to The Adventures of Tintin, including fascinating background information on how the books were created. Learn how Tintin was based on Herge's brother, and Captain Haddock on himself! With fascinating detail Michael Farr also recounts how real people came to be immortalised in the Tintin books.

Lavishly illustrated with photographs, illustrations, sketches and maps, this is the fascinating story of the evolution of a genuine comic book classic. Ideal for fans aged 8 and up.

Also included are sketches, large number of sketches that Herge would rework and polish until he would find the clearest, most easily readable line giving birth to a style that would later be called the Clear Line. While this book is clearly aimed at an older reading audience, its iconography and attractive layouts will also appeal to teen agers and young and old comic connoisseurs who are familiar with Tintin adventures.

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