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RESIN COLLECTIBLE: Tintin Homecoming

RESIN COLLECTIBLE: Tintin Homecoming

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Tintin Homecoming is back and with a brand new base! 

What’s special about this collection is that a sticker of SINGAPOUR (Singapore in French) is boldly pasted on the briefcase to denote the countries that he has crossed by in his quests for adventures.

This superb Tintin and Snowy figurine, titled “HOMECOMING!” is inspired by a cover illustration from the issue of Le Petit Vingtième dated 28 November 1935. The polychrome, resin figurine measures 21 cm tall and comes with a brand new base measuring at about 28cm long. A masterpiece of fine design.

Painted by hand, the colours used for the figurine reproduce as faithfully as possible the colour chart used for the Tintin book The Broken Ear. Hergé's drawing of Tintin depicts the return of Tintin and his faithful companion after a trip to China, the home-country of his new friend Chang.

Material: Resin
Certificate: Yes
Numbered Edition: No
Dimensions of box: 22cm x 35.5cm x 22cm
Packaging weight:
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