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RESIN COLLECTIBLE: Icons - Tintin Red Armchair

RESIN COLLECTIBLE: Icons - Tintin Red Armchair

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Tintin and Snowy at home!

After escaping the clutches of Mitsuhirato and exploring the seabed amidst sharks, the time has come for Tintin to take some rest.

Taken from the scenes of The Broken Ear, our third feature from the "Icon" series depicts Tintin sitting comfortably in an armchair, a book in his hands and Snowy asleep at his feet.

Books are very important to our hero, but we can't help feeling that Tintin is feeling pensive and the book he has just closed makes him dream of his next expedition. And we know that the next adventure is never far away. 

  • Material
  • Resin
  • Certificate
  • Yes
  • Numbered edition
  • Yes
  • L x w x h (cm)
  • 23.00 x 23.00 x 16.00
  • Weight
  • 3,000g
  • L x w x h (cm) box
  • 34.00 x 34.00 x 30.00
  • Weight
  • 4,700g
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