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BOOK: Professor Calculus Science’s Forgotten Genius

BOOK: Professor Calculus Science’s Forgotten Genius

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Professor Calculus: Science’s Forgotten Genius by Albert Algoud

Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of his first appearance in the Tintin classic Red Rackham’s Treasure, this book provides an in-depth look at the inventions and discoveries of Professor Calculus and the real-life innovations and people that inspired one of Hergé’s most popular characters.

A comprehensive, funny tribute to Professor Calculus, one of the most endearing scientific geniuses in children’s literature.

Learn all about the absent-minded professor who first appeared 80 years ago in Hergé’s 12th Tintin book, Red Rackham’s Treasure in 1943. Professor Calculus is universally loved by Tintin fans across the globe.

The Adventures of Tintin continue to charm since they first found their way into publication, and more than 230 million copies have been sold, proving that comic books have the same power to entertain children and adults in the 21st century as they did in the early 20th.

Published by Farshore

Hard back, gloss art paper 104 pages

In the Italian format 23 cm

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